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QC’s Statement on the Takeover of the US Capitol Building

Connecting With Compassion

QuantumCamp Inc is an organization whose sole mission is to inspire and enlighten kids and adults on the grandeur and beauty of our world. Our hope is that joyful study of our natural world guides students to connect to our Earth and to each other with compassion.

As an American education company, we feel a responsibility to bend the arc of our nation’s momentous experiment in self-government towards a more perfect union.

Our optimism, in spite of the recent siege on our democracy, triggered by baseless ideas, remains unchallenged. We work with kids, after all! We know that sustained, positive academic experiences in which kids connect to each other socially, emotionally, and intellectually help them develop a rational and loving relationship with the world around them. We confidently pronounce to you that when we can make this happen, our students will indeed grow to become wonderful stewards of our great experiment.

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