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Take Classes With Us!

Dive into the wonderous world of science with our exhilarating, expert-guided, in-person classes now available in the San Francisco, Bay-Area.

Two young students doing a science experiment

This is a full year course. We'll meet 30 times, for 2-hours, once per week. Plan on about 1 hour of work outside of class time.  

The year is broken into six, 5-week units. Each 5-week unit looks has all of this...

  • 5 in-person class sessions, 2-hours each, led by Michael

  • 10 labs (so do the math, this is 60 labs per year!)

  • 10 sets of write-up questions, guiding students to make observations and build theories

  • 5 chapters of guiding videos and readings

  • 5 problem sets to check understanding

  • 5 sets of resource extension links so students can bone up, review, and research a wide set of related topics.​​​

Lab supply kits are provided! ... the only way to do science right! (real equipment, not just plastic stuff)​​​

**We run courses for self-organized groups of 8 or more middle schoolers. Reach out via the form below and we can discuss setting up a class. 

2 sets of hands in purple gloves working together to do an experiment with orange liquid in beakers
A group of students working together on a science experiment
green physics lab

  1. The Chemistry of Air

  2. The Chemistry of Atoms

  3. Elements and Reactivity

  4. The Mass of Oxygen

  5. Atomic Mass

  6. The Periodic Law

Available Now!!

The Story of
The Periodic Table

The Story of
The Atom

  1. The Steam Engine

  2. Entropy

  3. Electricity

  4. Circuits

  5. The Color of Light

  6. The Hydrogen Atom

Available Now!!

The Story of
Life on Earth

  1. Buoyant Continents

  2. Plate Tectonics

  3. Darwin

  4. Genetics and Evolution

  5. Organic Chemistry

  6. The Origin of Life

Coming Soon: 2025-2026

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