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We're on a mission to inspire young scientists and mathematicians all over the world.
About: Headliner

Challenge-based labs are sequenced as stories of discovery

QuantumCamp is a Bay Area enterprise with 10+ years of experience creating and teaching amazing science and math to K-12 learners around the world.


We have classes with tons of hands-on labs - all of which are available for easy delivery to students in micro-school, home school, or traditional learning environments.

The QC Story

QC was founded on the belief that middle schoolers could learn quantum physics!

In 2009, a group of 12-year olds proved us correct. Our students conducted the same experiments which led physicist Neils Bohr in 1913 to proclaim that the tiniest particles of matter that make up atoms behave in very strange ways. They mysteriously move in jerky lurches, not smoothly through space. Our students came to the same strange conclusion based on the experiments they did themselves!

Since then, QuantumCamp has served thousands of students across the world and in all kinds of learning environments - online and in-person.

Students of every type have made amazing discoveries about our universe in lab courses that facilitate hands-on journeys through amazing math and science ideas.


Our radical approach to science and math places kids in history, just before new knowledge was discovered. Kids pursue knowledge, discover fundamental science and math concepts, and become shared owners of profound ideas in math and science.

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