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How It Works

You don’t need to be a science teacher to deliver spectacular science

These are direct-to-student, lab science courses. Your students face a series of challenges that can only be solved through experimental lab work! 

We send a physical kit

Photo of the lab kit included in Quantum Courses
A screenshot from the Quantum Courses learning platform
QC Instructors Thinkific Platform Screenshot

We provide access to a course platform

Your students are off doing 50 labs per year!

Chemistry Class

Each course  is a full academic year of  science delivered as
5 bite-sized short courses! Each short course includes:

5 problem sets for comprehension

an icon of a person thinking

5 sets of resource extension links

5 chapters of guiding videos and readings

10 labs (materials included) 

1 set of write up questions per lab

an icon of pen and paper

The Student Experience

1.  Log In

Login to the QC Platform

2.  Hypothesis

an icon of a person thinking

Receive a problem and consider a solution

3.  Experiment

Run a hands-on lab to solve the problem

4.  New idea!

an icon of pen and paper

Build a theory and create meaning

Students complete 2 labs per week in 2 or 3 blocks of time.




Questions do arise on lab procedures and we can help troubleshoot. Send us an email and we'll help figure it out.  

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