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Science and Math Learning For Our New Era

Updated: Apr 2

The Architecture of a Self-Paced Course

QuantumCamp has created a course platform for a new era in education.

Amidst the frustration of managing distance learning, forming pods, and scrambling to find learning resources, America is entering an era of true structural and systemic change to its education system. A new consciousness has infused the hearts and minds of parents across the nation.

Here is QC’s prediction of how this shakes out:

  • Schools of the future will evolve into smaller, community-centered safe spaces for learning and growing.

  • Homeschooling and micro-schooling, already surpassing 5% of all K-12 kids, will continue to grow.

  • More attention will be given to social and emotional growth, building relationships, and learning to relate to the world outside.

  • The academics in all of these new learning communities will be outsourced to experts who can deliver the highest quality academic content to learners everywhere.

QuantumCamp is leading at this end. Our course platform enables all kids to pursue academics within their supporting and caring community.

Our Self-Paced Courses for science and math can be accessed through a simple course platform and includes asynchronous videos, supply kits for hands-on explorations, student forums, centralized grading, and stimulating online talks by the QC team.

Here is how it works:

The Academic Year - A Course Series

Six courses combine to make up a Course Series, which constitutes an academic year of content. Each course consists of 8-10 labs, so students do 48 - 60 labs each year.

The Story-Based Course

Each course is an unfolding story of discovery that guides learners to a deep understanding of the central topic.

The Challenge-Based Lab

Each lab begins with a scientific or mathematical challenge. The challenge is posed and the lab procedure is described in a video. The videos are designed to prepare students to conduct their experiments independently.

The Kit

Each course includes a beautiful kit of supplies that contains materials necessary for conducting the experiments.

Student Work and Continued Learning

A set of videos and readings accompany every lab and serve to reinforce the discoveries students made. Students turn in lab write-ups at the end of each unit summarizing key findings. They complete problem-sets, which allow us to gauge understanding of key concepts and provide support for continued learning.

Community and Support

The learning experience is supported by a collaborative community of scientists and mathematicians. QC instructors are available through online office hours to work with kids on setting and troubleshooting the labs, help with problem sets, and to share ideas, discoveries, and, yes, mistakes.

Each course has its own forum for students to chime in and discuss the labs, troubleshoot together, share ideas, and pontificate on Socratic questions.

Assessment and Feedback

To ensure strong student accountability and academic growth, the QC team provides assessments and feedback on lab write-ups, problem sets, and project presentations.

Please join with thousands of other students and families as we charge bravely into the new era of learning and work to make the world a better place in the process!

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