Self-Paced Courses

With one subscription, your entire math and science plan is complete.

Key Features

Hands-on and lab-based

No on-site expert required

Instructor feedback for student growth

Virtual access to QC  instructors

A proven and effective hands-on learning experience.

Students view short pre-recorded videos to formally launch the lab lesson plan​


Students do the hands-on labs and record their notes, data, and findings 


Students have access to Learning Extension videos and readings related to the discovery points in lab

Students complete assigned problems sets and turn in lab write-ups for QC instructors to assess and provide feedback

Supported by a Worldwide QC Network.

Virtual office hours to support learning, hosted by QC instructors


Online communication platform for sharing ideas, and mistakes

Monthly massive online lectures delivered by expert scientists and mathematicians


You're one click away from having your kid's entire math and science plan for the year.

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