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Each kit is $450 and provides a full learning experience for up to 3 students. Please select the number of kits for your learning group in the quantity section :)


Each purchase includes:


1. Access to five online short-courses and QuantumCourses proprietary online learning platform. Each course is a full academic year of science delivered as 5 bite-sized short courses! Each short course includes:


  • 5 problem sets for comprehension

  • 5 sets of resource extension links

  • 10 labs (materials included) 

  • 5 chapters of guiding videos and readings

  • 1 set of write up questions per lab


The 5 short-courses:

  1. The Chemistry of Air

  2. The Chemistry of Atoms 

  3. Elements and Reactivity

  4. The Mass of Oxygen 

  5. Atomic Mass 

  6. The Periodic Law


2. Lab equipment for 50 experiments over an academic year! Some of our lab kit highlights include:


  • Reusable ASTM standard grade glass beakers

  • Student friendly electrical wiring to indulge in the overlap of chemistry and physics. 

  • Over 6 different unique chemicals for hours of chemistry exploration!


Course Description

In 1869, scientist Demitri Mendeleev created the Periodic Table of Elements, sparking a journey of discovery spanning 200 years. Students explore the origins of scientific inquiry into elements, delve into atomic properties, and seek a grand organizational scheme for all matter in the universe.

    The Story of Chemistry


    Save $75 per kit when you buy more than one!

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