Self-Directed, Hands-on Courses
for Middleschoolers

Science and math as it should be:

raw, exciting, open-ended, full of challenges

Be immersed in the paths of the discovery of the great scientists and mathematicians


Lavoisier - Darwin - Mendeleev - Bohr

Pythagorus - Euclid - Newton - Descartes


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A different approach to science

Perfection should never be the objective - it should be about working to make sense of data and observations from laboratory experiments. 

All of the amazing theories and ideas in science (in electromagnetism, thermodynamics, chemistry, cosmology, evolutionary biology, geophysics, on and on) started with a simple curiosity or question…and they were all resolved through a combination of lab experiments, logic, analysis, and oftentimes a creative hunch!

With QC Courses, there are no thick textbooks, no endless strings of online lectures. Students don’t just follow the tired way of learning, reading, memorizing, and testing. 

No, our students are the scientists … receiving compelling scientific challenges, performing lab experiments, and working to resolve the challenges by analyzing their own data


(In other words, students kind of just follow the scientific method … radical eh!)

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Deep learning, amazing labs

  • Wrestle with real science and math challenges

  • Design experiments to solve challenges

  • Build arguments from evidence

  • Write about and articulate the meaning of data and observations

Best of all you don’t have to be a science expert for your student to love science.


Swoop in as the hero and make their science experience so inspiring that it will fan the flames of their curiosity long after the course. 

All in one science curriculum right for your middle schooler

"We love QuantumCamp. The teachers are fantastic! They love the kids. They love science. They love curiosity." 

How it works

Video-guided labs sequenced as stories of discovery.

Recieve your science kit and start!

Science equipment kit arrives in 3-4 business days.


Login to the course platform.

Start the course!

Do the labs

Watch 3 minute videos posing the lab challenges. 


Do the labs to solve the challenges. 

Learn what inspired the great scientists and mathematicians in history to face these challenges for the first time, in an accompanying series of videos and readings.

Record data and observations

Along the way, your student records hypotheses, observations, and data in their own virtual lab notebook

The record of work can serve as a portfolio documenting work for admission to schools or for credentialing reasons


Receive feedback

We provide biweekly feedback with helpful comments on areas of weakness and reassurance on areas of strength. 

There is also a graded problem set at the end of each chapter. 

Support is available at all times. Just email us! 

Sample Lessons

The Chemical Elements Lab 3A Lab Video

Chemistry of Atoms Lab 4B Lab Video

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