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2065 W. El Camino Real
Mountain View, CA 94040


QuantumCamp™ is a hands-on academic summer camp experience for students entering grades 1-9 in the SF Bay Area. We've spent the last 5 years creating courses in science, math, history, and language arts where every type of student can get excited about learning something fascinating!


QuantumCamp : Science Camp Berkeley - Mountain View - SF

QuantumCamp is the best place for young adults to learn science! For a SF Bay Area summer camp with dedicated teachers for your kids call 650-429-8527.


Get Hands-on

Forget lecture.

Everything students do is hands-on - from math, to science, to history, to language arts.

Leave the textbooks at home.

Discover Big Ideas

We teach big ideas.

We believe that ideas and concepts are the bedrock of knowledge.

Everything else can be googled.


Celebrate Learning

We empower students.

Through carefully designed activities, students create their own knowledge.

This is exciting.

Shape the world around you

We teach creating.

Our programs show students how their creativity fits in the real world.

True authorship.


Experience Teamwork

We teach collaboration.

Students work in teams throughout our programs, learning to share ideas and listen to others.

Practice makes perfect.

Be Creative

There isn't one way.

All of our programs show students different ways of approaching the same problem.

Different strokes.


Be fascinated

Fascination can't be taught.

We make sure to step out of the way of our students so that they have space for their imagination.

Our world is amazing.


Don't work alone.

Our activities are team based, teaching students the power of creating with others.

Two is more than one.


Be Inspired.

Want to know.

Students learn real ideas, skills, and concepts that apply to the wider world around us.

Take it outside of the classroom.