Origin Story

We believed middle schoolers could learn quantum physics. In a one-week summer camp in the summer of 2009, eleven 12 year olds proved us correct.

They conducted the same experiments physicist Neils Bohr knew about in 1913 when he famously proclaimed matter moves in quantized lurches, not smoothly through space. Our students made sense of the same data and derived the same conclusions. These students built a deep connection to the true reality of our universe uncovering the mystery of the atom.

This is how QuantumCamp began. It was an experiment testing if carefully implemented curriculum would allow middle schoolers to grasp the origin of quantum physics.

Ever since, QuantumCamp has served over 3,000 students through homeschool and summer camp programs and now we are going directly into schools. Students forge their own profound connection to our universe through carefully constructed lab courses which facilitate hands-on journeys through amazing math and science ideas.

This is a radical approach to science and math. We place kids in history, just before new knowledge was discovered. We set them free pursuing this new knowledge for themselves. All of science and math, then, becomes theirs. Each student is a shared owner of all the profound ideas in math and science.

QuantumCamp has built 54 courses spanning 12 grade levels totaling over 1,600 hours of hands-on content, each of which is an arc of experiments and activities which draw students into the grandeur of discoveries. 

We have an amazing team of professional teachers and thinkers bringing to students a new cultural consciousness of and connection to our universe.