michael finnegan, PH.D.

Founder & CEO

Uncovering the story behind ideas has always driven my own love of learning. So much of knowledge, in mathematics and science, was arrived at through uncharted paths with dramatic twists and setbacks. And it has always been governed by peculiarities of the particular historical time period and the thinkers and doers involved. 

But through my own study of these historical journeys, like the invention of calculus or the birth of the quantum physics revolution, I have found there are really easy ways of allowing students to connect to these wonderful human endeavors. In short, as the curriculum writer, you want to arrange labs and activities, which follow the historical journey of an idea. 

This is where QuantumCamp comes in! As the Founder and Executive Director, I work with an amazing team of educators who provide the space, equipment, and instructional guidance for students to do just this - to discover on their own, the greatest ideas in math and science. 

Before QC, I earned a Ph.D in materials science, worked as an engineer for a solar cell manufacturer, and taught in both public and independent schools. And now, at QuantumCamp, I am loving leading our team in building and teaching wonderful classes for students all over the world. 

stephanie norman, ph.d.

Curriculum Design and Instruction
Math and science

Stephanie hails from Honolulu, Hawaii, and moved to southern California for college, where she majored in Engineering at Harvey Mudd College.  After working in the aerospace industry for a couple of years, she decided to pursue her interest in medical research and moved north, where she received her Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering at UC Davis.  

While researching, tutoring, and lecturing, she soon realized that she loves to teach, especially in small group settings where she can connect with students at a deeper level.  Stephanie was a science instructor with QC for two summers, before she joined the full time team.  

She brings a love of science and engineering, as well as athletics, cooking, and play to her philosophy of teaching mathematics applications so that everyone can appreciate and enjoy the beauty of math beyond the numbers.

Andy Caskanette

Curriculum Design and Technical Support

Andy hails from Ontario, Canada with stops in Alberta, New Brunswick and Germany. Recently, he moved to California and joined the QuantumCamp team as a Math Curriculum Developer. Andy graduated with a Bachelor of Mathematics from the University of Waterloo in his first post-secondary excursion and later returned to obtain a diploma in Game Programming from Humber College.

Andy loves math and computing and is using those passions to develop our L3, L4  and High School curriculum. His past experience in web development and technical support has allowed him to step into a tech support role as well. Andy's passions include games of all kinds including their design and theory, pop culture, hiking and spending time with his wife and furry family.

Ruth woodruff

Director of Business Operations

Ruth’s role at QC is to ensure smooth organizational functioning from executive decisions to runny noses, and quite literally everything in between. With a background in higher education administration and organizational leadership, she understands the complexities of a specialized academic organization. She spent eight years running her own portrait photography business, while raising her three young boys, where she refined her customer service skills.

Sharon beltracchi


Sharon grew up in Colorado Springs and moved to the Bay Area to attend Stanford University, where she majored in Earth Systems.  She participated in multiple field research programs at Stanford, from installing seismic sensors in Nevada with the Crustal Geophysics Lab, to measuring rainforest growth in Hawai'i to observing kelp forest ecology at Hopkins Marine Station in Monterey. 

Sharon is an experienced K-12 science teacher, having worked at several Bay Area museums, mostly recently Aquarium of the Bay, and is excited to join the QuantumCamp team.  When she's not teaching science, Sharon enjoys working both onstage and backstage with local community theater groups.

Nosheen Gothard


Nosheen is a life sciences professional and has been teaching at various schools and colleges for the past five years including Illinois Institute of Technology and Ohlone College. She believes in learning science through a practitioner’s perspective, wherein teaching is defined by actions, discoveries are made via exploration, and creativity comes with critical thinking & observations.

She earned her Ph.D. in chemistry from Northwestern University. After graduation, she pursued postdoctoral research at the University of Chicago developing bio-compatible surfactant polymers for membrane sealing in the Plastic Surgery and Trauma Division.

When she is not teaching she loves reading, hiking along the coastal Bay Area, and enjoying diverse foods while brainstorming ideas and storytelling with family & friends.

Cyrus Brown


Cyrus was born and raised in Seattle, WA. After high school, he moved to Southern California to attend the University of Redlands, where he majored in Environmental Studies. He found a passion for working with kids as a childcare counselor, a naturalist for both adults and youth, and as baseball coach.

For the past two years, before he joined QuantumCamps, Cyrus taught science to middle school youth at an outdoor science school. This experience inspired Cyrus to pursue a career in science education. In his spare time, he loves being outside, “thru” hiking, snowboarding, practicing yoga, and recreational rock climbing.

Steve Berg

Board Director

Steve Berg joined QC as a board director in 2015, after serving as an informal advisor providing key guidance throughout the founding and early growth of QC. In this role, Steve supports QC in a range of capacities including strategic advice on corporate direction and partner school relationships.

Additionally, Steve serves as a board member for the Early College of Arvada in the Denver, Colorado area, a public charter school of  first-generation students, which provides students grades 6 – 12 a direct path to higher education and prepares them to thrive in a global community.

Steve has been a partner in a number of technology and data analytics businesses in and around the residential mortgage market, including a successful sale to a Fortune 400 entity. He has two daughters that attend Ricks Center for Gifted Education at the University of Denver, and loves spending time in the mountains hiking, mountain biking and skiing. Steve has a BS in Accounting and International Business.

Alix Aceituno

Science & Math

Alix was born and raised in Southern California, near the canyons and the brushy slopes of Los Angeles. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Botany from Humboldt State University.

While living near the Redwoods, she naturally became enamored with the world of fungi and their interconnected relationships. This fascination led her to travel to South America on a scientific expedition to seek new species of tropical ECM fungus. This trip inspired her to continue traveling, exploring, and sharing knowledge as far as she was able to go. She taught English in Spain and conducted bilingual workshops in Guatemala and Honduras.

When she finally moved back to the states, in 2016, she began sharing her scientific knowledge as a middle school science teacher and hasn’t stopped since. 

During Alix’s free time, she likes to explore the coastal trails, or any trail, with her dog Taiwan. She also enjoys gardening, listening to records and creating art.

Jordan Miller


Jordi hails from Dallas, TX and graduated from Stanford with a double major in Biology and Art History. She holds a Masters in Clinical Neuroscience from University College of London. She has been a middle school science teacher at public, charter, and most recently, independent schools in Texas. In addition, she has been privately tutoring students in math, science, and ISEE test prep. 

In the summer of 2018, Jordi was awarded a grant from The Kinkaid School in Houston, TX to study design thinking at the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (d.school) at Stanford University. While there, she created seven inquiry lab lesson plans from the current Kinkaid Middle School science curriculum fully integrated with design thinking and engineering. She developed partnerships between Stanford d.school and Bay Area museums in order to apply design thinking for middle school science students and integrate STEM technology into both the middle school classroom and the museum space. 

Jordi moved to the Bay Area last year to continue pursuing design thinking in the education technology space. She enjoys connecting with students and helping them understand difficult concepts in both science and math. Jordi has served as a Stanford alumni interviewer for many years. Jordi taught a three week winter science camp in Sanya China with Quantum Camp in January of 2019. Since then, she has started her own math and science tutoring business called Miller Mentoring as well as continuing to work with Quantum Camp, where she taught in Walnut Creek. She continues to privately tutor in math and science as well as work with Quantum Camp and both Piedmont and Albany USD’s.  She likes to read, cook, play with her dog, Sadie, and is currently planning her wedding for June 2020 here in Berkeley to her fiance, Sam.