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Run science labs in your
micro-school or

What You And Your Students Get

  • An academic year of of science delivered in 6 units - each one is a whirlwind journey through a fascinating topic. 

  • Here is what is in each unit:

    • 10 labs (so do the math, this is 60 labs per year!)

    • 10 sets of write-up questions, guiding students to make observations and build theories

    • 5 chapters of guiding videos and readings

    • 5 problem sets to check understanding

    • 5 sets of resource extension links so students can bone up, review, and research a wide set of related topics 

  • Lab supply kits ... the only way to do science right! (real equipment, not just plastic stuff)

  • 24-hour response-time email support — questions do arise on lab procedures and we can help troubleshoot, and we can schedule a call or zoom to work through something more complex. The bottom line is that we are here to make sure the science experience is successful and enriching .

How Your Students Do The Courses

Your students log in and go. They start with the first lab and watch a short video which lays out the context in a story with dialogue. Historical scientists are discussing a conundrum or challenge. The story ends with a specific challenge question. The students boldly make a hypotheses then gather their supplies, watch a guiding video on how to set up the lab, and run the lab. Then students are prompted to to jot down their observations and piece together a theory of what their results may mean. Finally students watch a followup video, which informs, again, through dialogue, what the scientists of history were thinking. (Note, they often went down very questionable paths!)

You can grade and assess ... or not! You can have your students report on progress and build up a lab portfolio. You can see if your students want to do offshoot projects ... there are infinite touch points in history, philosophy, engineering, technology, art, economics ... you name it. 

How To Approach Science 

Perfection, getting right answers, or taking tests is not the objective! Science has always been simply about working to make sense of data and observations from laboratory experiments. 


Each short course is a series of lab challenges where understanding crystallizes over time. After all, real scientists navigate through the unknown and make inferences as they can. This is the same experience we attempt to create. 


Of course, along the way we provided detailed accounts of accepted (textbook) science, so that students can track the evolution of ideas. Further, we provide an extensive curated list of web readings and videos. So students can really go as deep as they want.

A Vision of Science In Your School or Home

Imagine mingling with your engaged students, exploring ideas with them, corralling groups only when necessary, celebrating failure, and encouraging them to make bold hypotheses. 


You will have more time to build relationships with your students as they advance through challenging and engaging content. 


QC Courses are video guided. We help set objectives and prepare students for the work ahead. There is no need to prepare for lectures. Lab write-up prompts are provided and problem sets are auto-graded.​

It works for all styles and venues ... for student-centered, self-paced, flipped, virtual, personalized, and even conventional classrooms.

Here are the middle school courses

Available Now!

  1. The Chemistry of Air

  2. The Chemistry of Atoms

  3. Elements and Reactivity

  4. The Mass of Oxygen

  5. Atomic Mass

  6. The Periodic Law

Coming soon: 2023-2024

  1. The Steam Engine

  2. Entropy

  3. Electricity

  4. Circuits

  5. The Color of Light

  6. The Hydrogen Atom

Coming soon: 2023-2024

  1. Buoyant Continents

  2. Plate Tectonics

  3. Darwin

  4. Genetics and Evolution

  5. Organic Chemistry

  6. The Origin of Life

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I'll do a quick screen share with you, take you on a spin of the course platform, and you'll quickly see if it will work. 

Michael Finnegan, Ph.D.
Founder & CEO

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