Level 1 – Grades 1 and 2

1st and 2nd graders have limitless, boundless curiosity about the world around them. They are given free reign to embrace these qualities and the QC environment intentionally nurtures curious minds.

Suggested Prerequisites – Our courses are designed with the following assumptions of student knowledge: 

  • Follow one or two-step instructions

  • Comfortable writing and identifying numbers and letters

  • Go to the bathroom without assistance

  • Comfortable with the concepts of addition and subtraction

  • Able to record findings, either written or drawn

Course descriptions for each camp offering can be found below; then visit your camp location page to see camp schedules.

Course Descriptions

Students learn about the non-living components of Earth’s system, including rocks, landforms, bodies of water, and the atmosphere.  This course explores how these non-living systems interact to create the landscapes we see today, while teaching students skills such as mapping, measuring, and identifying the properties of earth materials.

Elemental Chemistry
This course delves into the basic ideas of chemistry. Students will explore the concepts of the 3 states of matter, and will go onto discover some key properties of elements. Students will spend a great portion of the course exploring individual elements, and identifying the various properties that define them.