QuantumCamp is a stellar place for students to learn math and science. As such, we expect the best behavior from our students. We equip our labs and classrooms with sophisticated materials and equipment and provide rigorous and engaging academic content. We do not condone any behavior that detracts from the kind of learning that each student deserves. What we, QC parents, and QC students expect is the absolute best from each other, nothing less.

QuantumCamp reserves the right to expel any student from any course who is deemed to be misusing equipment or compromising the safety and quality of experience of others.

Student Policies


Students are expected to be punctual, alert, and to participate in class. Students are expected to treat instructors and fellow classmates in a respectful and polite manner.

extension work

Students are expected to work through the Essential Extensions and come to class ready to discuss the content bringing both their questions and ideas.

dress code for lab classes

Students taking lab classes are expected to wear long pants (no shorts), closed-toed shoes and have long hair tied back. Clothing should be fitted and not baggy.


QuantumCamp classes are designed for students that are ready to learn and engage. We are not a full service school, and as a result do not have professional support services on site. We take our role in protecting the safety and comfort of students very seriously. QuantumCamp has a disciplinary process used at all sites for disruptive and inappropriate behaviors in the classroom. We use the following when appropriate:

  • Verbal: in-class or private verbal warning
  • Written: written warning sent to guardians with a one-on-one conversation
  • Conference: we will reach out for a parent conference
  • Classroom Integration: the QC team will discuss the issue internally and come up with options that will allow the student to fit into the classroom. When all avenues have been exhausted, QC will ask the student to leave the program.

For egregious behavior, such as physical altercations or dangerous misuse of chemicals, instructors will choose the appropriate level to start at and immediately contact parents/guardians and the student may be subject to a probationary period.

campus policies


Each student must be signed in and out each day. We ask that a parent or guardian sign for students in Levels 1. Students in Levels 2, 3, 4 and High School may sign for themselves, upon completion of a self-sign out form.


QuantumCamp is a nut-free school. Please help your students bring nut-free lunches and snacks.


We ask that students refrain from using technology during the school day with the exception of using devices to take notes or record their work inside the classroom, when approved by a QC instructor. Some of our classes may also make use of technology in the classroom which may only be used as instructed.