Science Teacher and Curriculum Developer

Elementary and Middle School 


We are looking for a full time science teacher for the 2015-2016 school year and beyond with an option to begin immediately on a part-time, flexible basis. The position requires teaching two days per week at our San Francisco Campus and two days per week at our Piedmont Campus. 

Compensation is at or above public school teacher rates, respective to experience. We provide a full suite of benefits. 


You are a super teacher! Compassionate, commanding, knowledgeable, and energetic. You are compelled to help children with their academic, social, and emotional challenges. You are comfortable saying ‘I don’t know’ to an insightful question from a student. You are continually seeking to design better activities and better explanations. You would be ok designing a full course and then throwing it out because it did not work out the way you thought. (We do this over and over again!). You walk into a room full of students and they know class time has begun. You are highly organized and have reverence for the Montessori principle of the ‘prepared environment’. You are proactive on student discipline not relying on forced one-size-fits-all policies but rather contemplate why a particular student chose to become distractive. You immediately bring the parents into the discussion looking for the best solutions. At the same time, you call parents just to say their child discovered something interesting that day.

You are a scientist (not necessarily in degree status!). You have read math books or science books (pop science and math books suffices) because you want to know more. Tinkering with ways to build new science experiments is something that excites you.

Do any of the following describe you?

  • Your science knowledge enables you to run experiments, like the photoelectric effect, and get into thrilling discussions about the implications of the experiment with your 12 year old students.
  • You know 8, 9, and 10 year olds can and should be doing very cool experiments in Zoology, Botany, Electricity, and Chemistry
  • You would like to facilitate an intuitive discovery of the laws of motion for 6 and 7 year olds.  

If so, we would like to hear from you! 

Lastly, you understand that QuantumCamp is a novel and unique educational organization. There is no wheel we are recreating. We are serving a rapidly increasing homeschool population who, almost by definition, exists because they are looking for better ways of learning. You understand we are a growing company and working hard to continually spread the word on what we do. Can you take a mom or dad, unsure about how QuantumCamp can serve their child, out for coffee and learn about their needs and explore if QuantumCamp is the right fit?


B.S./B.A. or higher in math or science
1 or more years experience working with groups of students between 1st grade and 8th grade


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