School Integration

QC facilitates 25-30-hour laboratory courses, for students K - 12 at your school or educational institution. We set up math and science labs, typically scheduled for 1.5 - 2.5 hour lab blocks, meeting weekly or semiweekly.

The flow of every lab class follows a Launch-Lab-Landing sequence.  

  • LAUNCH: Instructors pose a science or math problem. Key concepts are reviewed and instructors lead short socratic discussions to review previous concepts and scaffold the upcoming lab work.

  • LAB: Students begin lab work - formulating and testing hypotheses, making discoveries, recording data, and revising hypotheses. This work happens in small groups, where QC instructors serve as facilitators guiding, challenging, and leading students towards drawing sound and relevant conclusions.

  • LANDING: From these conclusions, QC instructors facilitate student discussion of the results of their lab work. Instructors help students classify and engage with their findings by discovering, naming, and understanding concepts from relevant math and science fields.

Additional Integrations

  • PROJECT WORK: Inspired by the weekly classroom labs, students conduct their own research and complete application projects.

  • EXTENSIONS: We provide students a learning platform consisting of activities, weekly summaries, readings, videos, and problems sets.This suite of resources is tethered to the concepts discovered in each lab and is designed to support and enrich each laboratory experience.

  • ASSESSMENTS: QC is happy to collaborate with your school to structure assessments aligned to your needs.

QC brings programs to your school in the following ways:

1. Quarterly math and science programs

2. Break week or summer camps.

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