what does a typical class look like?

A typical QC class involves a lot of doing! After a brief launch by the instructor, the students spend the rest of the class period working through LABs (Learning Activity Blocks), usually in small groups. Each class period is ended with a landing/wrap-up discussion where students reflect on the outcomes of their activity. Students spend much of their time standing or moving around the classroom to complete the activity and have two or three breaks throughout the class period.

how do i choose the right level for my student?

We place students by age, rather than by test scores or other indicators of academic achievement. This is because our courses are rooted in a social constructivist pedagogy, where students construct meaning together. Thereby, the intellectual experience of QC academics is actually rooted in the social community. To this end, grouping students with social peers is ideal. If you feel your student should be placed in a higher level, we require that they spend one session with us enrolled at grade level to fully assess. Final decision is up to QuantumCamp. If you believe your student is behind academically, please contact enrollment to discuss.

how do you accommodate for students with various learning differences and styles?

The activity-based nature of our curriculum allows for students to approach work according to their strengths. Our aim is for all students to determine the way that problem-solving, group dynamics, and record-keeping works best for them. We work alongside students and their families to find the best way to support each student at QC.

what are Extensions?

Extensions are the curated content we provide to complement students' in-class experience which we deliver through a web platform. Extensions might be videos, readings, podcasts, problem sets, or even a DIY activity. We break the extensions into "Essential" and "Exploration". Essential Extensions are the material we recommend students complete in order for them to achieve the learning outcomes from each course. Exploration Extensions provide content for students who want to push their understanding further or learn more about a given topic.

what happens if my child misses a day?

Each week families receive a detailed email about the in-class activity and the learning goal for the week. QC families have found that between the class recap email and the extensions their students are able to keep up with the course even if they miss a day.

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