The Story of the Atom: Unit 2 - Entropy

The Story of the Atom: Unit 2 - Entropy


Schedule: This is a Self-Paced Course
Grade Span: 6th, 7th and 8th grade

  • About This Course

    Once engineers figured out how to build engines, the next task was to make them more efficient. But something caught the attention of the most observant of scientists, at the time. They noticed the engine builders frustratingly hit a hard ceiling of efficiency regardless of engine design. 

    The investigations resulted in another revolution, this one in fundamental physics, and would eventually lead scientists to sweeping ideas on order and chaos and time itself. Students follow these developments, grapple with this new idea in science, to be called entropy, exploring implications regarding the very future of our universe. 


  • Prerequisites

    • Solving for one unknown in an algebraic equation. Ideally, students should have taken or be currently enrolled in pre-algebra or algebra. 

    • Proficiency with graphing. Students can determine a scale for coordinate axes and properly draw and label axes

    • Familiarity with the scientific method and the ability to design simple experiments

    • Ability to collect and record data

    • Ability to maintain an orderly and safe space for small lab experiments.

  • How a Self-Paced Course Works

    Students advance through a series of really interesting labs. Each lab goes like this:


    • Kid takes materials out of a box 

    • Kid watches a 3-minute video

    • Kid runs a 10-30-minute lab. (Kid is pumped up!)

    • Kid does a lab write-up and a little problem set for quick feedback 

    • Kid notches a win, has brand new knowledge, and moves to the next lab! 


    In addition, there are bonus videos and readings and even a problem set designed to deepen an intuitive understanding of the topics.