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​What's Included


1. Lab Kit

  •  Lab equipment for 60 experiments over an academic year. Each kit can serve 1, 2 or 3 students! 


2. Login to access six short online courses:

  • The Chemistry of Air (Oxygen Theory of Combustion)
  • The Chemistry of Atoms (The Proof Atoms Exist)
  • Elements and Reactivity (Relationship Between Elements & Compounds)
  • The Mass of Oxygen (The Atomic Mass of Gases)
  • Atomic Mass (The Atomic Mass of Metals)
  • The Periodic Law (Chemical Group and The Periodic Law)


Course Description

In 1869, scientist Demitri Mendeleev created the Periodic Table of Elements, sparking a journey of discovery spanning 200 years. Students explore the origins of scientific inquiry into elements, delve into atomic properties, and seek a grand organizational scheme for all matter in the universe.



      QuantumCourses - The Story of The Periodic Table

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      Save 20% when you buy multiple kits!!

        (Each kit is good for 1-3 students!)

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