QuantumCamp is a high-powered group of science and math educators who have set out to build the most engaging, authentic, truly problem-based STEM curricula for schools in the US and globally. Schools around the world are using QC curricula to ignite their students’ connection to our amazing universe and propel them into academic success in high school, university, and beyond.

We are tested, vetted, efficacious, and highly engaging!

There are 2 ways to partner with QC, currently:

  1. NGSS Curricula for License: Pilot QC’s science curriculum learning platform. QC is building a problem-based, hands-on, NGSS aligned curriculum for schools and can run science pilot programs in your school right now.

  2. In-School Programming: For San Francisco Bay Area schools, we can come to you! You can outsource lab science to us and instructors come set up a bio, chem, of physics lab and get your students experimenting right away! We can provide learning extensions for comprehension and reinforcement, as well as assessments.