We were founded in 2009 on the simple idea that humans love to learn, and intentionally design an educational experience that supports this in our classrooms. The result is an exciting intellectual and social environment where students leave a class or a summer camp fulfilled, energized, and excited to continue exploring these ideas.

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QuantumCamp is a school enterprise with a core mission of delivering amazing, hands-on math and science courses to kids via three main platforms:

  1. School Partnerships

  2. Home School

  3. Summer Camps

Both homeschoolers and summer campers come from all backgrounds and from all academic skill levels. QuantumCamp students come from all nine Bay Area counties. 


QuantumCamp instructors are given one main task: facilitate an environment which allows student-driven discovery.  We pride ourselves on our curriculum - developed by in-house content experts, and value the importance of collaboration. We are looking for innovative educators, who are excited to teach small classes, and contribute to our growing math and science program.

We teach math and science the way we believe people learn best–through tangible experiences. Students are the scientists and mathematicians collaborating and conducting experiments, arriving at their own discoveries. We launch our experiments with a challenge or inquiry, guiding students through lab work that facilitates the discovery of these concepts.  Each class is concluded by a landing that allows students to share their findings, and gives instructors the opportunity to clarify and ground important concepts.

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Excite your school’s math and science to the highest quantum state. Bring fully functional Science and Math labs into your classroom. QC offers full math and science courses for students in grades 1 through 8. and advanced science courses for high school. 

Learning extends beyond the lab. In addition to our courses, we also provide an extensive collection of activities, readings, videos, recaps, and problem sets. 

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School PArtnerships

QuantumCamp is a one-day per week program for homeschoolers in 1st through 8th grade consisting of math and science classes. We pose intriguing problems for the students to solve through hands-on activities and experiments. Students hypothesize, discuss, experiment, make mistakes, revisit, debate, reflect, share and ultimately try to make sense of their work. They discover something new and leave excited to learn. 

Learning does not stop after the QC day; it extends throughout the week through a set of digital extensions delivered to the students. Extensions might be problem sets, videos, readings, activities to try, places to visit – all tied to the fascinating work accomplished during class. Throughout the week, students revisit the ideas from different perspectives and in different locations, to reinforce the concepts they learn in the classroom, preparing and exciting them for the next week's class. 

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QuantumCamp offers your kids a unique way to spend their summer, discovering their inner scientists and mathematician, through hands-on and student-driven activities. Students investigate exciting ideas and become energized about learning – all while making great friends! Students connect with profound ideas in math and science and carry that knowledge with them back into their schools inspired to learn. 

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