QC has a library of highly tactile, problem-based K-8 laboratory science courses modules available for license to schools worldwide.

**The 4 components of the QC science Curriculum learning platform

  1. Curriculum and assessments: 1-2 hours of labs each week

  2. Learning extensions: 1-2 hour of videos, readings, and problems sets each week

  3. Lab supplies: Teachers easily turn their classrooms into labs

  4. Science teaching PD: 2 days of doing nothing but science with us!

**About QC’s unique and proven pedagogy

  1. Problem-based: The teacher poses a science problem, kids solve it in lab!

  2. Not screen-based or simulation based

  3. Emphasis on student discovery and interaction

  4. Each course culminates in student-driven projects that apply real world concepts

**Each course unlocks a story of discovery

For example, in “Periodic Table”, 7th and 8th graders replicate experiments and make discoveries as did Dmitri Mendeleev in the 1860s

  1. They melt ore and extract pure copper: Deduce that it cannot be broken down further and therefore is an element

  2. They isolate pure oxygen and hydrogen gases: Test reactivity of colorless, odorless gases to determine their identity

  3. They explore chemical reactivity and processes: Determine atomic mass of metals and gases

  4. They collect and interpret data to identify patterns: Group elements by their reactivity and properties

  5. Ultimately, your students re-assemble the periodic table, and thereby own it, for themselves!

**We are lab-centered, not screen or simulation-centered

Offline learning builds the cerebral cortex and adds neural pathways:

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QuantumCamp is Education Evolved!

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