Homeschool Courses

Where live online meets hands-on and interactive learning.

Key Features

9-week trimester schedule 

50-minute classes, two days per week

One at home-lab assignment each week

Learning extensions included (e.g. readings, videos, and problem sets)

End-of-quarter student projects 

Interactive challenge-based online learning

Each class begins with a challenge, which students must resolve based on the results of the teacher-led demonstration

QC teachers guide students along the way encouraging them to hypothesize and record data

Group discussion and breakouts are built into each class

Bringing excitement to offline learning through extensions

Each week students have extensions that allow them to continue learning and exploring offline


Extensions include videos, readings, problem-sets, podcasts, and DIY activities​

Extensions empower students to dive deeper into areas they're most fascinated by

Are you ready to inspire and challenge your kid(s) in an entirely new way?

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