Students receive science supply kits and conduct hands-on experiments during class to solve scientific and mathematical challenges.

Why QC Live-Online?

Become a bold, critical  thinker


Learn to make arguments from evidence

Build confidence in communicating big ideas

Gain mastery of science and math concepts

Key Features

Hands-on a critical component of deep learning


Challenge-based each lesson begins with a compelling question

Project-based students pursue their own interest

Instructor-led QC has a team of wonderful mathematicians and scientists

DNA of a

Live-Online Course

Courses are split into three 10-week story-based sessions spanning an academic year

Classes meet twice per week for 50 minutes

Students receive a supply kit for conducting the labs

Students run exciting experiments during every class session

Students extend knowledge with readings and problem sets

Students submit data and findings for feedback like real scientists

Students present their projects to the class on the last day

Are you ready to inspire and challenge your kid(s) in an entirely new way?

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