DNA - Behavioral Ecology - Biomimicry

"Finding connections across biological systems"

High School Biology at QuantumCamp is a lab based advanced high school course where students are challenged to discover the grand ideas governing biology. Each class, QC instructors pose a problem, which can only be solved in the laboratory! The instructor is there to guide experimental discovery, but deep meaning ultimately resides in the experimental data collected by the students! 
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It all begins with DNA. What are its properties? How does it function? The DNA molecule is the blueprint for biological organisms and encodes all processes which make life, well... life! Students discover the intimate connection between DNA properties and the functioning of the cell. Through student-run case studies, the fundamental biological interaction between DNA and RNA and proteins is revealed. 

Winter: MarinE BiologY - A BIOME STUDY

How can the grand systems within global biomes relate to the cellular processes of species? How can Game Theory explain behavioral ecology?  These are two questions which underscore the challenge during these 10 weeks. Students work through these questions and see the link is actual organisms.  Students therefore must describe this link based on detailed anatomical dissections of key species. 


Yes, biological systems are complex. But lurking within are simple principles. It is the job of the scientist to reveal these underlying beautiful and simple aspects of nature.

From here, we launch into bio-inspired design. Groups of students will delve deep into a core biological principle and engineer and build a         bio-inspired device.

This course has a Saturday boat trip on April 29th through the Marine Science Institute. Students explore the San Francisco Bay Estuary biodiversity while developing the knowledge to create their own bio-inspired device.