LIfe - Cell Biology - Genetics - Evolution

2019-20 Offering

High School Biology is a lab-centered, advanced course where students are challenged to discover the grand ideas governing biology. In each class, the QC instructor poses a problem, which can only be solved in the laboratory. While we are there to guide discovery, deep meaning ultimately resides in the experimental data collected by the students.

Students will be led through a journey of not only topics but the stories behind the development of each unique concept. Curiosity is the essential quality for the successful QC student.

The year’s progression will lead students from the micro- to the macro-scale as they envision the physically intangible to things they may encounter day to day.

The rigor of this course is set at the high school level but will encompass components of a collegiate introductory course necessary for the extension of advance topics if students wish to pursue the AP exam. Students should gain a broad breadth of Biology as a whole, but also adopt the skills and fundamentals necessary to further the topic at will. 

The 10 big problems, which students set out to solve:

  1. What is life?

  2. What do organisms need for survival?

  3. How does matter enter and exit the cell?

  4. How are food and nutrients created on Earth?

  5. What is the role and importance of the genetic code?

  6. How does the cell ensure genetic continuity?

  7. How has life evolved on Earth?

  8. How has the Earth changed due to human activity?

  9. What differentiates all life? What unites all life?

  10. How is life organized?