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  • How are your online classes structured?
    Our online classes meet twice a week for 10 weeks. Each class is 50 minutes in length, and one class a week will include a hands-on lab experience for the students to conduct at home.
  • What is unique about your online classes?
    Our online classes are demonstration based and interactive. We provide lists of materials along with all of our classes so students can (safely!) perform experiments in real time with their expert online instructor. Our expert instructors create an interactive environment and encourage making mistakes and the exchange of ideas amongst students. We also provide weekly videos, readings, and problem sets to provide continuing learning opportunities for students in between class times. Finally, our courses culminate with a student project where they can put to use their newly learned science and math concepts and share their projects with the rest of their class.
  • What is the difference between “Live Online Courses” and “Self-pacedCourses”?
    Our Live Online courses are ‘synchronous’ which means they are taught by a live expert instructor to a group of students that meet together in an online classroom at regularly scheduled times. Our Self-paced Courses are ‘asynchronous’ which means that students can learn science and math on their own time and at their own pace while still being supported by expert instructors via virtual office hours. Both modes of learning are hands-on and lab-based, and are authentic science and math learning experiences that your kids and students will love!
  • Who teaches your online courses?
    All of our instructors have degrees in science and/or math and are highly experienced teachers in both in person and online environments. Our instructors are diverse across race, gender, and ethnicity. They are highly interactive in their teaching styles and are keenly aware of SEL needs and the need to accommodate diverse learning styles of their students.
  • Do you accept charter school enrollments?
    Yes, we accept charter school enrollment. Please view our charter registration page for more details on the exact steps to take.
  • What are self-paced courses?
    Our self-paced courses is a new subscription based product for micro-school groups and homeschool families. A single subscription provides a full academic year of curriculum that includes 30 hands-on lab experiences with all necessary supplies, pre-recorded video instruction, easy-to-deliver lesson plans, and virtual office hours support with expert instructors to guide assessments, and answer questions during the course of the year.
  • How much do curriculum modules cost?
    Our curriculum modules cost $6,500 for groups of up to 8 students. This includes lab equipment and supplies, lesson plans, supporting videos and virtual office hours with expert instructors for 30 labs across an entire academic year. Each additional student costs $400 to cover the additional lab equipment and supplies.
  • What are the main influences on QuantumCamp’s pedagogy?
    QuantumCamp’s pedagogical foundation reaches back to Maria Montessori and John Dewey and, more recently, to the social constructivist movement of the 1950s and 1960s that emerged into the 5e’s methodology. These theories believe that young students learn best when they are connected to the entire cosmos and when they can appreciate learning objectives when they are interested in the topics and see things in context. Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Common Core math standards framed these learning concepts into actually practicing the scientific method and doing mathematics. QuantumCamp’s classes and curriculum are built upon the theories of the great thinkers in the history of education and are aligned with the math and science standards of today. Our curriculum is elegant, easy-to-use, and accessible to all. All of our curriculum is challenge based: we know that scientific and mathematical pursuits spring forth from curiosities, enigmas, and confounding phenomena in nature. Curriculum is inspired by authentic science and math. Each course is modeled on how real scientists and mathematicians build knowledge, with many courses providing a tour of historical experiments that have led to current understanding. Students observe an unexplained phenomenon, then explore the phenomenon by doing experiments, collecting data and analyzing data. Students make meaning and report the new idea to the world!
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