Nations worldwide are recognizing the single greatest investment we can make is in our schools and in our children. Small improvements in both access to schools (quantity) and efficacy of learning (quality), will yield incalculable gains in our common quest to solve big problems and literally reach for the stars!

America’s move toward the Next Generation Science Standards, China’s enthusiastic embrace of project-based learning, Finland’s success with phenomenon-based learning, and the UAE’s mandate for experiential learning are evidence the world wants more kids learning in better ways.


QuantumCamp’s STEAM Offline Learning solution is the tool that enables schools worldwide to boost access and improve learning. Offline learning is critical for building the cerebral cortex and adding neural pathways:

The problem is that technology and screen-centered learning have been the default, untested scheme for reducing costs. Hyper-personalized learning powered by tech, promising elite private school attention to every student, neglected to realize that learning is personal, not personalized: Learning occurs in groups and in cultures. It is messy, fun, dynamic.

QuantumCamp gets this and is developing products and services to facilitate, at massive scale, highly authentic learning experiences, which can plug in anywhere and everywhere. The solution is simple:

  1. Bundled lesson plans

  2. Small supply kits

  3. Assessment and data recording apps

  4. Virtual professional training


Some of the most globally recognized brands in education are using QuantumCamp’s curriculum, including the Khan Lab School, The AltSchool, The Proof School, Casa di Mir Montessori, Yu Ming Charter School, and the Oxford Day Academy. They recognize we have the tools to efficiently transform the learning experience.