REgistration Policy 

Class sizes are limited to 15. If you register through our system after 15 students have been enrolled, you will receive notice that you have been placed on a waitlist.

Only enroll your student in the Level which is equivalent to her/his grade level by age

  • Level 1 is for students of 1st or 2nd grade/age level

  • Level 2 is for students of 3rd or 4th grade/age level

  • Level 3 is for students of 5th or 6th grade/age level

  • Level 4 is for students of 7th or 8th grade/age level

We require that students spend at least one session with us before considering a grade-level advancement. If your student is below grade-level, please contact us so we can assess placement together.

Rescheduling Policy

QC courses run per our academic calendar above, with the exception of Memorial Day, Monday, May 25, 2020. We reschedule our Monday classes to Wednesday, May 27th.

QuantumCamp reserves the right to schedule substitute teachers for our regular instructors for sick days, vacation days, and personal days for our teachers. Our courses are not a guarantee of instructor. If we are unable to find an appropriate substitute, we also reserve the right to reschedule the class. We will work with families to find the best day for the reschedule, but there are no refunds for rescheduled days.

We cannot alter scheduling based on independent study charter school testing schedules.


QuantumCamp does not guarantee that instructors will remain the same throughout the duration of the school year. Teachers may go on family leave, military leave, disability, or other unforeseen reasons. We cannot guarantee that the listed instructors will stay the same. 

Cancellation policy

We reserve the right to cancel classes based on low enrollment. Should this be necessary, we will communicate with parents as early as possible in the process, and full refunds will be issued. 

Payment Policy

(Payment policy for charter school families is described below)

  • Payment is due by credit card, through our online enrollment system, at the time of registration

  • Charter school families are required to place a 35% deposit to hold a space in our classes

  • We do not offer refunds for any reason

We do offer extended payment plans for families who have the need. We set this up on an individual basis and there is a fee for the plan based on the structure of payment. Please contact us in advance of registration to set this up. 

Refund Policy

  • Full refund minus $100 processing fee up to 30 days before start of class - August 9th for fall session or for a full year registration

  • 10% refund for any reason beginning 30 days before start of class through week three of class

  • No refund for any reason after week three of class

QuantumCamp must commit itself to faculty, staff and facilities costs for a full year. Enrollment of a student obligates the parent or guardian, from August 9th for the 90% of tuition owed upon registration, regardless of any reason for withdrawal or dismissal at any time during the school year. After week three of class, there are no refunds of any amount for any reason.

If you are new to QuantumCamp, we encourage you to sign up for a single session rather than the full year, as tuition is not refundable should you decide to withdraw.

This policy applies to all registrants. While we accept charter funding, we consider the parents the primary party responsible for payment. If your charter school fails to pay for any reasons, you will owe the balance due.

Payment POLICY for charter School families

Charter funding is welcomed at QuantumCamp. We have vendorship with the following charter schools and will invoice them on your behalf:

  • Connecting Waters

  • Ocean Grove

  • Visions in Education

  • Pathways

  • Hickman

  • Valley View

  • Delta Empire

QuantumCamp requires that all purchase orders are on file by the first day of class each semester.

  • For Fall Session, PO’s are due before September 9, 2019

  • For Winter Session, PO’s are due before January 6, 2020

  • For Spring Session, PO’s are due before March 30, 2020

Purchase orders are invoiced, per the agreement with the charter school at the end of the session.  We require a 35% deposit to hold your student’s seat in class. This deposit will either be applied to your final balance or be refunded depending on the amount of the payment from your charter school for the session. Please note that we cannot invoice charter schools until the conclusion of services and they typically have 30 days to pay us. We deeply appreciate our charter school families, however, the only sustainable way for us to continue to accept this funding is through a deposit. There is a $25 processing fee added to your registration to cover the administrative cost associated with invoicing your charter.

We are happy to work with your charter school. However, to protect our ability to operate and to continue to accept charter funding, we cannot accept a student into class without a PO, or payment in full for the class.

If we do not receive a PO from your charter school by the first day, we expect payment in full from you as the parent. In this case, we will not subsequently accept a PO that session or issue reimbursements.

Any amount not covered by your charter school is solely the responsibility of the parent.

Reminder emails will be sent at the end of each semester to families regarding the PO for the next session.

Additionally, charter school families are still bound by our refund policies:

  • Full refund minus $100 processing fee up to 30 days before start of class - August 9th for fall session or for a full year registration

  • 10% refund for any reason beginning 30 days before start of class through week three of class

  • No refund for any reason after week three of class