The QuantumCamp math and science curricula plugs seamlessly into schools in the United States and around the world. Contact Michael Finnegan, QC executive director, for a quick overview on how you can build your entire math and science program using QC curricula -


Step 1: Choose courses for each grade level and embed into your weekly schedule.

  • Students:
    • QC runs math and science for K-12
    • Maximum 25 students per lab group
  • Weekly schedule:
    • 1.5-hour to 3-hour lab blocks, meeting weekly
    • 1-hour to 2-hour independent study blocks for completion of QC lab extensions, convening weekly
  • Yearly calendar:
    • 3 academic sessions per year
    • 8 to 12 weeks each

Step 2: Plan the academic program

  • Lab Explorations. For further exploration and reinforcement of the lab discoveries, accompanying every lab is a suite of supporting material include recap emails, readings and videos, and problem and answer sets.
  • Assessments. Upon request, QC can also provide assessments of student acquisition of knowledge through end-of-trimester narrative commentaries and specific assessment of the major concepts addressed in each course.
  • Student-driven projects. QC can layer in a project, which springs forth out of the deep scientific concepts defining each course. We provide guidelines, suggestions, parameters, and scaffolding for the research/project work. On the final day of each course, students share their projects in formal presentations.
  • QC symposium. QC can also schedule another symposium time where students share presentations and parents can learn from the students. 

Step 3: Invite QC into your school

  • Share student information
    • Rosters
    • Relevant student health information
    • Relevant student behavioral and/or learning differences
  • Share on school policies
    • Bathroom use
    • Emergency plans
    • Disciplinary policy
    • School-wide cultural attributes
  • Facility
    • Designate a QC lab material storage area
    • Make general classroom supplies available to the QC teacher
  • Designate a primary contact

Contact Michael Finnegan, QC executive director, to learn how QC can power math and science in your school -