QC is the K-12 solution to the hands-on, laboratory learning component difficult to implement within personalized learning models supported by edtech. How can you ensure, year after year, students actually do combustion reactions, dissect sheep brains, and conduct the photoelectric effect? How do you incorporate real-life experiences, crucial for contextualized learning and cognitive development? Our answer:

  • Easy-to-read curricula designed by teachers for teachers.

  • Authentic, challenged based lesson plans, smartly scaffolded, facilitating meaningful student-driven project work.

  • The practical support required for transforming classrooms into science and math labs

To date, QC has partnered with 15 schools, outfitting each with laboratory based math and/or science programming. These schools recognize that QC saves years of curriculum research, writing, and implementation, and cost effectively maintains quality. As an outside provider, we work with schools to tailor student assessments thereby ensuring desired learning outcomes are achieved.

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(Curriculum License)

We have an unparalleled library of highly tactile, challenge based K-12 laboratory math and science courses modules - each one written as a riveting, hands-on story of discovery. The curriculum library can be simply integrated into schools and includes the following key components:

  • Course lesson plan documents

  • Personalized learning platform (readings, videos, problems sets, project prompts, recaps)

  • Assessments

  • Professional training

  • Supply kits

IN-SCHOOL LABS - San FRANCISCO Bay Area (QC Teachers on site)

QC brings 25-30-hour laboratory courses, for students K to 12, to your school! We set up a biology, chemistry, or physics lab in minutes, pose an interesting challenge, and get the kids into experiments right away. 

Springing forth from the classroom laboratory work are student driven research and application projects, along with a learning platform consisting of activities, recaps, readings, videos, and problems sets. This curated list of resources is intimately tethered to the concepts discovered in lab and is designed to support and enrich the the laboratory experience.

QuantumCamp offers:
1. Core math and science programing
2. Break week camps and summer camps

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