At QC In-School Labs, your students forge their own profound connection to our universe through carefully constructed lab courses which facilitate hands-on journeys through amazing math and science ideas. We place students into the discovery, setting them free to pursue knowledge for themselves. Each student is a shared owner of profound ideas discovered in math and science. Students become the scientists and mathematicians driving their own discoveries and collaborating to make meaning from their work.

We offer:

  • Supplemental or full math and science courses for students in grades 1 through 12.
  • Science or math labs set up and functional in minutes. We bring the lab to you! No need to worry about equipment.


CORE Curriculum

BREak week camps and summer camps

School Day ENrichment

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Schools outsource their full science or math curriculum. A full suite of activities, readings, videos, recaps, and problem sets accompany the course.

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Schools invite QC as an in-school enrichment. We can embed into your school day to any degree requested. 

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QC runs its popular camps at your school. Compressed into a week, students watch the development of grand ideas  unfold before their eyes.