Level 3 – Grades 5 & 6

5th and 6th graders are forging into areas of independent knowledge, creating definitions and structures of the world around them. They are ready to challenge assumptions and are eager to find their own proof of timeless truths.

Suggested Prerequisites – Our courses are designed with the following assumptions of student knowledge: 

  • Follow multi-step written procedures
  • Record information in tables, and starting to produce their own labeled tables for data
  • Write and compare fractions and decimals
  • Multiply multi-digit numbers, and divide single-digit numbers into multi-digit numbers

Course descriptions for each camp offering can be found below; then visit your camp location page to see camp schedules.

Course Descriptions

Chemical Reactions
An in-depth study of the reactivity of elements. Students will discover properties of different elements, how they behave, and how they interact with different chemicals. This hands-on, exploration course gives students the freedom to make their own observations, conduct their own experiments, and analyze the data that they collect.

Explore the world of rocks, minerals, and crystals as well as the chemical and physical processes behind their formation. Through laboratory experimentation -  growing crystals, melting metallic crystals, extracting elements from their ores, and more - students discover the origin and nature of the the rocks and minerals of the earth’s crust.

Neuroscience explores the nervous system, and how the information from our five senses reaches our brain. Students perform experiments to test their senses and how they can be tricked, and use this information to understand the pathways in which sensory information travels throughout the body.

During this course students will discover how Copernicus, Kepler and Galileo changed our understanding of our solar system. Students will design and build models of Earth-moon-sun systems and experiment with the forces that cause an object to move in an orbit. Throughout the course students will build skills in experimental design and model building.