Level 4 – Grades 7 & 8

7th and 8th graders are beginning to use knowledge to redefine the world around them. They are ready to dive deep into ideas in order to solve problems in new and better ways.

Suggested Prerequisites – Our courses are designed with the following assumptions of student knowledge: 

  • Exposure to scientific notation 
  • Setting ratios, comparing ratios
  • Exposure to solving for unknowns in equivalent ratios
  • Solving for one unknown in an algebraic equation
  • Graphing Skills: determine scale for coordinate axes, properly drawing and labeling axes

Course descriptions for each camp offering can be found below, schedules are on the location page. 

Course Descriptions

Periodic Table
This laboratory chemistry course allows students to conduct the major historical experiments that led to the grandest achievement in chemistry: the assembly of all the matter in the universe into a periodic table that ultimately expresses all chemical principles.

Quantum Physics
Our founding course, and namesake, Quantum Physics, is a hands-on, historically connected exploration of the landmark experiments which lead scientists like Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr to the theory of quantum physics. Students set-up and carry out a sequence of experiments that reflect the natural development of the discoveries of the nature of atoms in our universe.