THermochemistry - physical chemistry - the chemical bond

"Uncovering the driving force behind all of chemistry"

High School Chemistry at QuantumCamp is a lab based advanced high school course where students are challenged to discover the grand ideas governing chemistry. Each class, QC instructors pose a problem, which can only be solved in the laboratory! The instructor is there to guide experimental discovery, but deep meaning ultimately resides in the experimental data collected by the students! 

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Level 4 Suggested Prerequisite Understanding – Our courses are designed with the following assumptions of student knowledge: 

  • Grasp of scientific notation 
  • Able to set and compare ratios
  • Mastery of solving for unknowns in equivalent ratios
  • Mastery of solving for one unknown in an algebraic equation
  • Mastery of laws of exponents
  • Exposure to logarithms 
  • Graphing Skills: readily determine scale for coordinate axes, properly drawing and labeling axes

FALL SESSION: thermochemistry

In thermochemistry, students answer the question "Why does chemistry happen?” Beginning with calorimetry students, students discover the heat energy transformations in chemical reactions. With a followup study on the 1st Law and 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, students arrive at the Gibb’s Free Energy Equation, which is the answer to the overarching question of the course.

Winter Session: physical chemistry

Students uncover and document various conditions that impact chemistry. Through these investigations one of the most profound ideas in chemistry is realized - there are different types of chemical bonds. Today we call them 'ionic' and 'covalent'. It was an unbelievably circuitous route. After all, you can't just see a chemical bond. But what became unmistakably noticeable was there there were two basic ways all solid compounds behaved in solutions. Through some ingenious thinking the two general classes of chemical bonds were identified. 

SPRING SESSION: the nature of the CHEMICAL bond 

The ultimate question in chemistry is addressed. What is the true nature of the chemical bond? Students spend 10 weeks inducing and deducing there way around the chemical bond. What is it? What isn't it? Relying on both lab data and intuition, QC students will attempt to construct the model of all of chemical bonds, literally uniting our universe!