Level 1 – Grades 1 and 2

1st and 2nd graders have limitless, boundless curiosity about the world around them. They are given free reign to embrace these qualities and the QC environment intentionally nurtures curious minds.

Suggested Prerequisites – Our courses are designed with the following assumptions of student knowledge: 

  • Follow one- or two-step instructions
  • Comfortable writing and identifying numbers and letters
  • Go to the bathroom without assistance
  • Comfortable with the concepts of addition and subtraction
  • Able to record findings, either written or drawn

Course descriptions for each camp offering can be found below; then visit your camp location page to see camp schedules.

Course Descriptions

Microcosmos is the story of all the little critters on our Earth and how these little creatures have a big impact on the large world around them. Students will determine the characteristics that are unique to animals or plants, such as movement or photosynthesis, and use these traits to help investigate unknown organism. Microscopes and magnifying glasses will be daily fixtures in this class as students try to create a picture of the microcosmos around them. 

Prehistoric Worlds
Prehistoric Worlds will take your students on a journey back in time to the formation of the earth. This class will explore the first lifeforms with an emphasis on dinosaurs and other prehistoric mammals such as woolly mammoths and saber tooth cats. Students will also learn about the lifestyle of early humans. Students will transform into paleontologists to study the latter through fossils. 

Water Worlds
From rivers to oceans, Water Worlds is the exploration of the different bodies of water. Students will experiment with some of the unique properties of water, while at the same time exploring aquatic ecosystems and the organisms that call it home.