At QuantumCamp, we use fragile equipment, chemicals, and biological specimens  which require careful handling and respect. Therefore, it is important that all students contribute to positive classroom dynamics. We do not condone any behavior that endangers anyone or detracts from the kind of learning that each camper deserves. We expect the absolute best from each other, nothing less.

QuantumCamp reserves the right to expel any camper from any course, with no refund, who is deemed to be misusing equipment or compromising the safety and quality of experience of others.

Camper Policies


Campers are expected to be punctual, alert, and to participate in class. Campers are expected to treat instructors and fellow classmates in a respectful and polite manner. 

Lunch & Snack

Campers should come each day with a lunch, refillable water bottle, and snack for morning and afternoon if they need it. Many of our campers find they have a big appetite during camp, so make sure to check in with them and ensure they have enough food.

dress code for lab classes

Campers should be dressed appropriately for an active classroom setting. Closed toed shoes are mandatory. Campers taking chemistry courses should  have long hair tied back. Clothing should be fitted and not baggy.

campus policies


Each camper must be signed in and out each day. We ask that a parent or guardian sign for students in Levels 1 & 2. Students in Levels 3 & 4 may sign for themselves.


QuantumCamp is a nut-free camp. Please help your campers bring nut-free lunches and snacks.


We ask that students refrain from using technology during the camp day with the exception of using devices to take notes or record their work inside the classroom.