QC is going to Saudi Arabia

Over the years, QC has been working hard to develop our international presence.  We have consulted with many international school groups and we even ran a summer camp in Tokyo in Summer 2016. We are now pleased to announce a massive leap forward in this area. QC is exporting our unparalleled library of hands-on, discovery based math and science courses directly into the heart of the Middle East - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

This will be in partnership with MiSK Schools. Founded by HRH Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, MiSK Schools is a state-of-the-art day school in Riyadh imparting a world-class education based on the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme.

MiSK Schools’ vision is of a thriving hub of learning in the heart of Saudi Arabia. An environment in which skilled teaching staff use project-based and experiential learning—among many teaching methods at MiSK Schools—to nurture young Saudis’ cognitive, academic, and social skills and prepare them for life in a global economy. Readying them to enter the world’s top educational institutions, as custodians of the Kingdom’s future.

MiSK Schools has called on QuantumCamp to build out their entire math and science program for three key reasons:

1. Building an education culture
The future is a knowledge-based society, with learning at its core. Providing Saudi talent with access to world-class education is a means to develop countless aspects of their nation: business, technological, literary, cultural, and social. Unleashing the positive power of its individuals and enhancing Saudi Arabia’s status in a changing world. QuantumCamp is honored and excited to play a role in this amazing effort and opportunity.

2. Science is the key entry point into academics
The subject kids love the most is the one they receive the least! This is simply because good lab science is hard to deliver. There are limited requirements for elementary school teachers on content knowledge. Teachers and schools around the world are generally not equipped to deliver the level of science that youngsters not only can grasp, but (by the way) they also really enjoy doing. MiSK clearly understands this and is calling on QuantumCamp to build a science and math program that truly meets youngsters at both their cognitive level and inherent interests.

3. Sparking the next scientific revolution
Third, on the most basic level this is just what QC does: we implement science and math curriculum anywhere and everywhere we can! More to the point, our mission is to make hands-on discovery-based math and science available to the world and to help ignite the next scientific revolution, where wisdom, rationality, and truth triumph. It is needed here in the United States and it turns out that the Saudi’s need it too!


QuantumCamp’s Initial Objective: Finding Great Math and Science Instructors

As part of the partnership, we will be sending QC trained teachers to Riyadh. Over the next few months we will be looking for amazing teachers with an entrepreneurial and adventurous spirit to go. The perks and benefits are really good. Know anyone? Send them our way!

Email us at: jobs@quantumcamp.com
See the job postings at: http://www.quantumcamp.com/jobs