The “HOW” of QuantumCamp

How Kids Learn Revolutionary Ideas, Like Quantum Physics.

In 1913, Danish scientist, Niels Bohr, catalyzed one of the most dramatic revolution in the history of science, proposing a strikingly simple picture of the atom. A series of experiments on the nature of matter and light produced inexplicable data which prompted Bohr and others to formulate the new, radical theory of quantum physics - the theory which describes the nature of every atom in our universe.

What were these experiments and what was the data Bohr needed? 

The answer to these questions is our Quantum Physics camp! Through a narrative arc that explores the history of these discoveries, QC students perform the very same experiments of the 1800’s and early 1900’s which led Bohr to his conclusions. 

We pose the same questions to our students that Bohr was grappling with, then prompt them to design and conduct experiments, which reveal key answers and insights. We guide students to make meaningful conclusions, which yield critical information necessary to formulate their conception of the atom. This is how we immerse kids in the history of scientific discoveries.

Our camps follow this arc–we ask questions, set the students free designing and conducting experiments, and then guide them to a deep understanding of the core concept. By the end of Quantum Physics, students uncover the mind-bendingly strange reality of how every atom in our universe works! 
What can this type of learning do for your student? Over and over again, we see QuantumCamp students becoming confident, happy learners of all subjects. They go to school in the fall ready to be active contributors in their classrooms. After all, they are the creators and owners of knowledge - not mere recipients. They discovered the most profound ideas in math and science, on their own.