Summer At QuantumCamp: The Freedom of Learning

Cultivate a love of learning at QuantumCamp!

Each class at QC is a thrilling social and intellectual journey towards an exciting math or science idea. Students spend one week working through a set of experiments and activities which guides them towards discovery of a new idea. 

The QC experience extends outside the classroom with campers participating in spirited camp traditions and non-academic activities. Through these traditions, campers cultivate meaningful friendships with other curious learners.


What if you could unite iconic summer camp experience with the best math and science experiences academic learning. 

QC summer camps are a safe environment where kids can make new friends working through a mind bending math activity or a mind blowing science experiment. They collaborate to make sense of their observations, discover math and science on the way, then relax during break over a snack and a game. Then kids come back to class and do it all over again! Throughout the week, there are camp-wide assemblies, science demos, math brain teasers, break time games, joke telling sessions, and free play. In other words, students have an amazing time and learn math and science.

Kids leave a camp seeing academics in a whole new light. Students feel more competent and more confident about learning and the trajectory of their academic endeavors is elevated. They head back to school in the fall ready to contribute to their classes and share their knowledge.

Science of Food

Food is science in action. In the Science of Food, students will make ice cream and understand the science behind it. They will extract fat from potato chips and chocolate. And why does lemon juice taste sour and orange juice sweet? It’s chemistry and students will discover the chemicals that cause these tastes. They will even try to chemically modify lemon juice to make it taste like orange juice! Students will have an entirely new understanding of how we taste food and how food helps our bodies grow. 

Cartesian Approach

See our website for description of our other exciting courses for students rising into grades 1 through 8!!

Students will learn the methods that Descartes introduced to best understand algebraic principles geometrically. It is an opportunity for students to become experts in the techniques of creating and classifying graphs. Exploring dice games and challenges, students learn about 2d and are able to create a 2d world. Students are able to to apply this knowledge to reconstruct a human in a 3d graph activity.