Math and Science in the Summer

Has your student requested to study math and science this summer? For many kids, this may not be at the top of their summer activity wish list.

After nine months of strict academic programming, after school activities, homework each night, play dates, and weekend sporting events, a few weeks of recreating and the chance to try new things, not academic in nature, seem reasonable.

Indeed, this is a very smart instinct. Taking time off and trying new things are precisely what can refresh the mind, provide some context for another year of standards based learning, and add richness and color to life. As kids already know, their lives should not be exclusively centered around achieving success on the standard of adding fractions or identifying prepositional phrases. 

We agree! And we let this spirit guide our team of teachers at QuantumCamp. We are not interested in how many skills a student can master. We do not formulate a set of standards for benchmarking students. We would never give a test or assign a grade. Our math and science programs are not so much about studying established math and science ideas. They are more about doing experiments and interesting activities which lead the mind to construct its own ideas about how the universe works. 

Our approach is very modest and simple. Sequence a series of hand’s on projects for the kids to do and then let them take over. Take breaks, eat a snack, tell a few jokes, and then get back in the lab and try another experiment. 

In our relaxed summer camp environment, students might just make some new discoveries. A new interest in math or science might take root. Or maybe campers might see that learning is actually a wonderful and enjoyable process. It is not so much about studying math and science, as it is about cultivating a love of learning. 

So, if your student does not want to study math and science this summer, send them to QuantumCamp’s math and science camps!