QuantumCamp - By The Numbers

54: The number of exhilarating math and science courses which can be taught as a summer camp or homeschool courses
About 1100: The number of experiments and activities developed by expert QC curriculum developers
189: The number of students currently enrolled in our homeschool science classes
130: The number of students currently enrolled in our homeschool math classes
About 800: The number of students expected to enroll in QC Summer
4: The number of summer camp sites
3: The number of homeschool sites
10: The number of dedicated professionals on the QC Team looking to upturn how learning happens
9: The number of dedicated professionals on the QC Team, who teach, looking to upturn how learning happens on the QC Team
1: The number of missions at QuantumCamp. - Integrate Learningand Life


Cultivate a love of learning at QuantumCamp!

Each class at QC is a thrilling social and intellectual journey towards an exciting math or science idea. Students spend one week working through a set of experiments and activities which guides them towards discovery of a new idea. 

The QC experience extends outside the classroom with campers participating in spirited camp traditions and non-academic activities. Through these traditions, campers cultivate meaningful friendships with other curious learners.


What if you could unite iconic summer camp experience with the best math and science experiences academic learning. 

QC summer camps are a safe environment where kids can make new friends working through a mind bending math activity or a mind blowing science experiment. They collaborate to make sense of their observations, discover math and science on the way, then relax during break over a snack and a game. Then kids come back to class and do it all over again! Throughout the week, there are camp-wide assemblies, science demos, math brain teasers, break time games, joke telling sessions, and free play. In other words, students have an amazing time and learn math and science.

Kids leave a camp seeing academics in a whole new light. Students feel more competent and more confident about learning and the trajectory of their academic endeavors is elevated. They head back to school in the fall ready to contribute to their classes and share their knowledge.

Science of Food

Food is science in action. In the Science of Food, students will make ice cream and understand the science behind it. They will extract fat from potato chips and chocolate. And why does lemon juice taste sour and orange juice sweet? It’s chemistry and students will discover the chemicals that cause these tastes. They will even try to chemically modify lemon juice to make it taste like orange juice! Students will have an entirely new understanding of how we taste food and how food helps our bodies grow. 

Cartesian Approach

See our website for description of our other exciting courses for students rising into grades 1 through 8!!

Students will learn the methods that Descartes introduced to best understand algebraic principles geometrically. It is an opportunity for students to become experts in the techniques of creating and classifying graphs. Exploring dice games and challenges, students learn about 2d and are able to create a 2d world. Students are able to to apply this knowledge to reconstruct a human in a 3d graph activity. 



QuantumCamp at Chabot Space & Science Center

After an amazing summer running QuantumCamp programs at Chabot Space & Science Center, we are pleased to announce that we will be running our school year classes there as well!

By offering our school programs at Chabot Space & Science Center we gain access to many resources beyond just their beautiful facilities and spacious classrooms, including their historic observatories, planetarium shows, easy access to regional parks for lunch breaks and recess as well as opportunities for advanced collaboration. Our East Bay families are excited, and we hope all of you can visit us there at some point.

We wanted to share some photos of the highlights of our summer at Chabot Space & Science Center, we're proud of the programs we offered this summer and excited about the possibilities of the coming year at Chabot.

The QuantumCamp summer team, made up of educators from around the country and our high school interns, kicked off the summer with a team building "Mission to Mars" at Chabot Space & Science Center.


In addition to their in-class academic programs, QC summer campers participated in all-camp assemblies ranging from science experiment demos, joke-telling contests, and the ever-popular newspaper tower building contest!


Although we loved having lunch on the Chabot campus, a favorite lunch activity was "hiking" to lunch at the nearby Redwood Bowl for a picnic and games of capture the flag and soccer.


Finally, we wouldn't be taking full advantage of everything Chabot Space & Science Center has to offer without visiting the famous observatories! Each week campers got a tour of the telescopes and, weather permitting, got to use the 8" refracting telescope Leah to view Venus.


We're looking forward to an amazing year at Chabot Space & Science Center and hope to see you there!

Meet the 2015–2016 Science Team!

Happy summer everyone! We know it's still a couple months until the fall quarter, but we are super excited about our science team for the upcoming year and are thrilled to introduce them.

The QC science program has a long history of engaging students of all ages in deep and meaningful scientific inquiry as well as guiding students to experience what it truly means to take the lead on their own learning and make their own discoveries.


We're excited about the upcoming year. We encourage you to check out the course topics and to keep your eyes open for information nights and open houses so you can meet our team in person!

Meet Ben Schleifer


Bio: Ben was born in Norman, Oklahoma, but has been slowly moving out west throughout his life. He attended Colorado College for his undergrad majoring in neuroscience with a minor in music and then went on to receive his M.Sc. in Mind, Music, and Brain from Goldsmiths College, University of London. Ben has worked for education non-profits in both Colorado and California running educational programs ranging from educating low-income students in outdoor settings to doing educational outreach about native salmon restoration. Most recently he spent a year doing elementary science curriculum development with the Learning Design Group at UC Berkeley. Ben is dedicated to revealing and nurturing the scientist in everyone with whom he interacts.

From the QC Team: We are thrilled to have Ben join our team. From the first minute we met Ben we were blown away by both his enthusiasm and love of science as well as his extensive content knowledge. During his visit to our summer science classrooms Ben jumped right into all of the science activities and was eager to converse with students about their findings. Besides his extensive experience teaching students, we're excited to have Ben's expertise in incorporating specific Bay Area elements in his curriculum.

Meet Heather Doering


Bio: Heather’s love and enthusiasm for tinkering and building started at a young age, and when her second grade teacher gave the assignment to make a “thinking cap” she immediately decided that it needed to have blinking lights that would run around your skull, with a knob to speed them up or slow them down. Heather succeeded at creating her vision, learning the basics of circuit design, drilling and soldering from her father, an EECS professor (who would wear the cap trick-or-treating for years). Heather went to MIT and got her B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Biomedical Engineering, and went through the MIT-Wellesley Teacher Education Program, student teaching Chemistry and Physics. Upon graduating from MIT Heather worked for Johnson & Johnson’s medical device company Cordis as a process engineer for several years. Finding herself missing teaching she, she moved back to the SF Bay Area to teach at her alma mater (Head Royce) and then at the College Preparatory School in Oakland. Heather loved teaching but dreamed of having classes that were more student-driven and experiment-focused and is delighted to be pursuing this dream at QuantumCamp.

From the QC Team: We're so lucky to have Heather's true enthusiasm of science and teaching with us at QC. Heather's first thought is always about how students can be best served in the classroom and how to ensure they have full ownership over their learning. 

Meet Michael Finnegan

Michael Finnegan.jpg

Bio:  Michael's interest in education evolved out of the observation that his own elementary and high school experience was quite monotonous. After successfully creating new knowledge in nano science as a doctoral student at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and creating new processes as a floor engineer at Evergreen Solar, he decided that all students of all ages should be constructing their own knowledge and building their own ideas about the universe around them. He carried this spirit as a public school teacher in Oakland, an independent school teacher at Pacific Rim International School, and finally as founder of QuantumCamp, where the singular mission is to build the way for all students to be the discoverers of their own knowledge.  

From the QC Team: As the founder of QuantumCamp, Michael has really set the standard for what goes on in the QC classroom and the rest of the team is always eager to make sure we're living up to our mission. Michael's scientific experience is clear in every lesson he teachers and we love watching Michael debate scientific truths with his students.

Meet Sharon Woodburn Buckby


Bio: Born and raised in Southern California, Sharon moved to the Bay Area where she attended Stanford University receiving her undergraduate degree in Human Biology and then finishing a Masters Degree in Elementary Education. After teaching kindergarten and pre-kindergarten for several years Sharon realized science (which was her favorite subject as a student) was also her favorite subject to teach! Sharon joined QC in 2012 to teach science full-time and is the Science Team Lead developing and teaching curriculum for all levels of QC courses. 

From the QC Team: Sharon is a beloved QuantumCamp teacher not only for her enthusiasm for the subject, but also because of her love of students. We are constantly impressed by Sharon's dedication to creating a successful learning environment for her students and by the support and encouragement she offers in the classroom. As the Science Team Lead Sharon's been guiding the team to create a cohesive, interesting, and challenging science program.

Meet the 2015–2016 Math Team!

We know that this academic year hasn't even finished yet, but we have already been busy getting organized for the 2015–2016 school year and we couldn't be more excited about what we have in store!

Since the full QC math program launched a few years ago it has been building innovative math classes on some of the most thrilling topics in mathematics. These courses have been converting math-skeptics and helping students recognize that math is so much more than just arithmetic.


We've been lucky to build our team out of some of the most talented mathematicians and educators in the field and we're thrilled to introduce you to our 2015–2016 team. Make sure to look over the course topics for next year, and keep your eyes open for open houses to meet the team in-person!

Meet Rina Patel


Bio: Rina was born and raised outside of Philadelphia, PA and has always loved mathematics and enjoyed challenging math puzzles and problems. She received her elementary education degree from Penn State University then moved to Virginia to pursue a career in education where she has taught both elementary and middle school. While in Virginia, Rina also pursued her Masters in Instructional Design and Technology from George Mason University. Recognizing math as a real passion of hers while simultaneously growing weary of the testing pressures in traditional schools, Rina began her search for an institution that embraced the true nature of learning and found it in QuantumCamp. Rina will be joining the QC community in the fall and looks forward to engaging students in meaningful mathematics.

From the QC Team: We've loved getting to know Rina! During her visit to QC Palo Alto we were so impressed by the energy she brought to the classroom and her ability to dive right in with the students. We're especially excited for Rina to bring her years of varied classroom experience to help us continue to create smooth-running classrooms and a vibrant school community.

Meet Emily Mullen


Bio: Emily had difficulty with math as a young child and so her mom worked hard to build not just a solid foundation, but also a love for math! Emily experienced an extraordinary turnaround and realized that everyone can grasp the depth and beauty of math, especially if provided the proper guidance and exposure. Emily majored in mathematics at the University of Southern California, earned a CA teaching credential, and taught middle and high school math at Los Angeles Unified. Feeling squeezed to focus on test prep, Emily decided to explore other areas of education and after launching her own tutoring business and developing after-school programs, she was thrilled to find QuantumCamp. Emily began working with QuantumCamp in the fall of 2014 and has been teaching for QC full time since Winter of 2015.

From the QC Team: Emily has been a wonderful addition to our math team and we can't wait for more students to have a chance to be in her classroom. Joining right in the middle of the year, Emily jumped right in and quickly embraced the QC mission and teaching style. Emily's enthusiasm for the content and practical approach to teaching and curriculum development have made her a natural as a QC instructor and her subject knowledge has been invaluable to creating our incredible math courses!

Meet Lisa Bishop


Bio: Lisa alway liked and excelled at math, but it wasn't until she was presented with big ideas like Combinatorics and Number Theory in college did she finally understand why people insisted on calling math "beautiful" – and she began to agree with them! After double-majoring in math and music as an undergrad at Occidental College, Lisa went on to get a M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Washington. During her graduate studies she spent two years as an NSF GK-12 Fellow working in Seattle elementary schools leading exploratory math lessons. After completing a postdoctoral fellowship at UCSF in an HIV research lab, Lisa realized her true passion is math education. Lisa joined QC in the fall of 2012 and since then has been leading the QC math program, developing and teaching captivating math classes for all levels of students.

From the QC Team: As the lead of the math team, Lisa has really set the tone for this amazing, agile, group of mathematicians and has helped set up a training system that has been effective and efficient in helping new QC teachers teach our courses. We love Lisa's high-energy and casual classroom presence as well as her emphasis on always being available for her students. Especially with her applied math background, Lisa's experience and subject knowledge has helped her create some of the most exciting math courses out there.